Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Plying Spindle... like a comfy leather couch

Ooooohhh, do I LOVE this spindle I got yesterday! Mffff glub, glub, glub, munchkee wumfkin. I just finished the last of the Verdant single, and this is a pretty thin spin. I wondered whether I should switch gears and ply this batch on anything other than the Kundert because, who knows, different spindle could produce a different ply or something. Plus that's a big spindle, I wasn't sure if it would break my singles.

Well, I said it seemed like it would drive like a 1950 Buick, and it does.
(More photos in the previous post, but here it is.)

I've only plied a bit so far, but I can already tell, I will have this little sweetheart forever. It just has the most steady, chug-along spin. Its fat little shaft is perfect for where I need to grab it for a counterclockwise spin. And though I've always thought a square spindle would be just weirdness, when it comes to a plying spindle (maybe others too for all I know), the square shape is perfect. Two ends of a thinly spun merino coming off the centerpull and outer pull of a cored ball... let's just say there's a lot of ways those can tangle. Well, I can set this little honey down on a side, set the ball across from it with tension on it, and it just waits to be picked up as is, no tangles.

As I kind of suspected might be the case, its steady speed is perfect BECAUSE it's not that fast. Lots of control potential built in here. And what I didn't expect? It doesn't reverse on you. I don't know why, I'm guessing because it's heavy enough so the twist in the yarn can't compete with its heft. But the square shape, there too, works to advantage because you have plenty of time to ease out your singles evenly, and this thing ain't goin' nowhere.

I'm such a glick, it's a totally weird experience for me to just see something and know I want it. I always need comparisons so I can fret over choices. This is the first plying spindle I've ever even seen, and the only one the vendor had. She didn't even have it on display, it was buried in her bag of stock somewhere. Yet the minute she dragged it out and laid it on the table, it just had my name all over it.

Really, really nice when some purchase of something you don't even have comparisons with turns out this great. I'm out of the market for plying spindles, because as far as I'm concerned, they won't get any better than this one.


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