Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Combs photos

I exchanged the big 2-pitch Valkyrie's for a set of his Mini combs, and bought a 2nd set for Jenny, both with stationery bases. The big Valkyrie's were just too much comb for my shoulder and wouldn't suit the finer fiber I'm likely to be working with. I LOVE his Mini combs!

2 pitch, tines approx. 3/16ths dia (maybe a smidge under), set 3/16ths" apart, 4 inches long, WITH bend, super well balanced and not heavy. LOVE these combs! Amazingly, the least expensive out of all of them and they'd be hot contenders if I could only have one set.

Here are the Indigo Hound English combs. 5-pitch, "Fine" (as opposed to "Standard" or "Regular)". Vicious looking little bastards. With these, and the non-visibility of the back tines from where you're working, it's not a matter of whether you're gonna poke yourself and break skin, it's when.
Gotta be incredibly, overly, ridiculously careful with these. But I am definitely going to renew my tetanus shot. Soon! I've already poked a couple times, just haven't broken skin yet.