Saturday, May 9, 2009

Second pair FGs in the works (commercial yarn)

Okay, since I had so freaking much trouble with setting up that blasted thumb on the first pair (both gloves!), I couldn't rest until I tried another one without having to go wimping back to LYS feeling like an idiot. Okay, I didn't need to feel as much like an idiot as... (long story).

This one was more challenging because when I got home with the yarn, I discovered that I did NOT have gauge, in fact worse yet... (more long story). Anyway, I had 4 sts/inch, not 5 sts/inch, pretty significant difference. So I deleted one pattern set, only picked up 4 sts (which the pattern calls for but isn't enough but actually did better than I thought it would). And then did super tight knitting on the thumb tube which had worried me. Fortunately, that almost bordered on overkill, but not quite. The thing fits perfectly.

This time I tried Elizabeth Zimmerman's sewn bindoff, notwithstanding that I had a major make-or-break question, but thought I was reading it right, more likely than not. I am now a total fan of her bindoff for anything stretchy. I mean, it's a great bind-off. I didn't do the thumb in it, but tried it on the finger end. Damn, that's a great bind-off.

So since I am still super amazed with the techno advances of my relatively teensy little highly pocketable Canon SD990IS, I love photo-ing WIPs. Overkill again, but hey, I never said this would be an exciting blog. It's really more a diary of mindless trivia for things fibery. (It says that on the blog title, so no deathless prose here.)

I have a love/hate relationship with this Noro Kureyon yarn. They really take some liberties in producing it. I mean in the course of this little item which took way less than 50 yds., two seriously ridiculously underspun sections plus a couple of knots? And some VM no less??? Horrors! I'd expect that from China, but not Japan. But it has great stitch recognition, and I'm learning some amazing stuff on these FGs. Plus, I admit, they're worth practicing on because if you get fast with them, what could be a better gift for at least two people I know, actually three. Nope, four.

Ridiculous amounts of photos....

Stays snug. Great bounce-back.

This looks like a tight stretch. It isn't! I think these little suckers will be great for typing. There is a getting-used-to factor, but once you do, hey it works. I think this bind-off is even better for splayed finger spread than the one I was using. If Jenny doesn't know this one (and I ALWAYS love it when I can show HER something she doesn't know in spinning or knitting) then I'll get to show it to her, and then scrunch up my face and go Squeeeeeeee!