Saturday, July 11, 2009

First Quickie Color Blending Test on Drum Carder

Two unlikely colors combined...

Teensy Staple HELL

I'm afraid to go through the entire HUGE bag of dark brown in this fleece for fear it's all going to be like this, but here's what I have an awful lot of in the last lot that I scoured of that otherwise gorgeous New Zealand natural colored fleece. Obviously some of it just has to be dumped, I can't help but think this is a ton of 2nd cut (the balls). However, as for the tiny staples that are intact staples, that just doesn't seem like 2nd cut. It just seems like teensy, teensy, teensy staples. Maybe head fleece?? Maybe a LIMITED amount of head fleece???

And this, below, is what I actually have been lashing on. The only upside is that I'm finding that if I look carefully, some of these tend to come in groupings so I can lash on a mass of them. Doing them individually though... that's when I start thinking of Barbie sized wool combs. I separated these out.

This is DEFINITELY training in careful lashing on!

Hmmm, just noticed. The perspective in the photo makes them look bigger than they are. The pen is farther back than it should be for reference, and I was close-up enough so the foreground looks magnified. So some of these are an inch long. Actually, some are under an inch long. In the first photo, some of those little blobs are just that, blogs. But some of them are curled up TEENSY miniature but otherwise perfect staples, butt end to tip end, perfectly intact.