Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Dragon Has Arrived.

It did NOT come Saturday. I waited until I knew Saturday's mail had been distributed into the boxes, and I called them. This is a small town post office. I know everybody there. Glen answered, who never gets upset when I ask him to check my box as long as I only do it when something really serious is on the way. He said no yellow "get-something-from-the-front-desk" notices were in there. I told him maybe someone forgot to put one in my box. Could he check the shelves? He said he knew what was in the selves. Nothing for me. And yes, he anticipated, all the mail and packages had been distributed. It just wasn't there. Accept it.

So Monday, there was the yellow card. Two of them. One from the seller of this top, and another from the seller of the other four. It was raining. I got it all out to my car, and right there in the parking lot, I opened "the" box. I was prepared for a big disappointment. I mean, my monitor is pretty right on. So much so that it's probably 7 years old and one of those huge, heavy (21") Hitachi types before thin monitors were even thought of yet. And I won't replace it. It's that good. But cameras are involved, photo lighting is involved. It might not be anything near what I saw on the shop's listing.

Oh...Migod. It was EVERYTHING I saw. And more! It was The Dragon! I could photo it all day long, inside, outside, in the sun, under my best indoor lighting, and I would not get a better shot than the seller's two, in my previous post.

The shine is serious. But it's not gaudy. This fiber needs to be spun... like gold. Looking at it, I really hate words like "savor" and "morsel" but I seriously considered bypassing Dunkin Donuts for iced coffee, and even the market for needed things... so I could get it back home to my spindle. But I needed the iced coffee and the stuff at the store. At least part of the list, so I settled for that. I got two extra plastic bags because I didn't want any rain getting on this fiber.

After staring at it some more, only now under the light I'm used to, I pulled off about 4 inches of the wine end, just seeing how it separates. I snagged it on my spindle, and spun a few twists with my fingers which is how I start off. Now I'm thinking of how ancient grooms must have felt when lifting their newly bought brides' veils. "You are MINE!" Mwaaaaaaaaa-hahahaaaa! I parked and drafted. No way I'm going to not savor the first of how it drafts. I had to know everything I could about how this fiber releases, with full attention on that. Then how it twists as I spin it. I did about two yards, then set it down so I could just think about it some.

Okay, thought process... as much as I want to start on this, as I've been writing this post so far, I'm deciding I'm going to spin the 4th top my last post also shows, first. The beautiful teal merino-tencel blend that sent me searching for other same-blend listings to get more info on the blend and any spinning notes in the first place, whereupon I discovered this roving. Yup.

Yup, yup, yup. Any ancient groom who wanted a wife who wouldn't start scowling at him right quick would have known what he was about before doing much more than lifting a veil. Okay, the pressure's off. I'm gonna spin that seriously pretty green fiber first and see what its same-blend secrets are. Tencel is totally different.

So maybe I'll rent a safety deposit box for The Dragon while I'm doing that?