Friday, July 24, 2009

Making heads or tails of a fleece?

03: Whole Fleece spread out as best I could keep the given shape. It's easy to assume the head is A and the butt end is D. However if I stood back looking at it from the side (B and C closest to me, A off to my left and D to my right) I could almost picture how the head and butt end COULD be on the B/C sides. I simply don't know what I'm looking at. Or for.

Note: The fleece IS longer from A to D than from B/C to B/C, if that helps.

04: This is a close up of A on the main photo.

05: This would be from the left side of B, you can see where the smooth fleece begins and match up this photo with the "whole fleece" photo.

06: This would be about the center (around B)

07. This would be between B and C or it would be C

08: Texture break - comparing adjacent locks

09: Would be from other side of C

10: Would be from one side of C

I skipped numbering "11" somehow so there are two possibilities as to what we're seeing. I'm listing both as were written in the notes.

11/12 (likely this is A locks up close)

12/13 (A locks up close OR B locks up close)