Friday, March 13, 2009

A Thinner Spinner - Verdant Merino

Well, Jenny's drafting technique has gotten some practice, and it does make you tend to spin finer, which I'm just wanting to do with this spin anyway. I'm learning the yarn plumps up when it's off the spindle, plus plying it seems to make it do that more because, as Jenny said, plying takes some of the spin out.

I wasn't too sure about this colorway once I got into it, it seemed all I was spinning was dark blue. I wasn't sure, either, about spinning quite as fine a thickness as this was turning out to be, so stopped at just under an ounce, plied the yarn (amazed... 90 yards of singles, 45 yards of plied obviously, but all that out of less than an ounce?)

This time I used the expected penny reference. This yarn looks a lot like the Printemps EXCEPT it's a whole lot darker and more intense hues, through and through. It does not feel like I'm duplicating, at all. I'm really liking it!

The thinnest (plied) seems to be 14wpi. A super thick stretch comes out to 8wpi. I'm likely to average it out for purposes of patterns, etc. at 10-12. Or, as a lot of spinners seem to say, "Somewhere between DK and Worsted Weight."

I STILL don't have consistent thickness, but waaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAY more so in this spin than before. At least that's how it looks to me when I go through the 22 strands I have on the niddy noddy in various places in the skein.

So that's progress!!

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