Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fiber Buying MANIA!!!

Well, first I bought THREE freaking tops. Just liked all three. They're all merino or BFL and I like spinning both of those.

Meanwhile, there was a 4th I was VERY intrigued with, but that one was 50/50 Merino/Tencel blend. I saw a lot of glimmer to the roving, which made me think slippery. I contacted the seller, and she loves to spin that blend, but she uses a wheel. Drop spindles can be quite different.

Here's that top, I just loved this colorway.

So I went on a search on Etsy, hoping to find other sellers with the same blend, one of whom might say how it is to spin on a drop spindle. That's all I was after, honest.

Whereupon I ran across this amaaaaaaaazing roving. I clicked on it, and said, "SHEEEEUT! What the hell IS that! I just stared at it. I truly didn't know what to make of this colorway. It is so totally off the charts in terms of anything I've bought so far. I stared at it some more. At one point, I thought, "This is a love/hate thing." But I just kept looking at it.

Time out! Years ago, when Jenny was just a little thing (2nd grade or less) we had bought a Nintendo. We got Super Mario Bros. with it. Well, I played that with Jenny, and we could get to the 4th part of the first level maaaaybe. But that was it. So this is a thing that kind of grows on you. Well, one day I came home from tennis and thought I'd have a little rest before showering and getting out of my tennis duds. So I grabbed a cup of coffee and put on Super Mario Bros. Well, I really got on a roll with this thing. I mean, I kept dodging the bullets, the bangs, the zaps. I was so ridiculously into it by this point (I mean wired from all that fast reacting, like... sitting at the edge of my chair with this maniacal gleam in my eyes, lips peeled tight in anticipation of yet another thing to come bouncing across the screen to get me). And I got through levels we hadn't even SEEN yet! Suddenly, I heard that suspense music that happens when you're going to another level. But now there was something a little more shrill about it. That meant only one thing. I was headed somewhere BIG!
Whereupon, I got plunked down into this Living Hell Place. I was just absorbing that when, all of a sudden, this HUGE FREAKING TERRIFYING DRAGON popped out of nowhere and started coming at me. FAST! With everything it had! I couldn't help it. I screamed! I mean, in real life, sitting in the family room, I totally screamed. LOUD!!! Freaking loud!! Somewhere in the back recesses of my mind it registered that if the neighors were home they'd come running out of their house, calling hysterically over the fence, maybe even jumping it, because that was no normal scream. But meanwhile this dragon was wasting no time. Fire shooting out of its mouth, with this loud, terrifying "Whooooooosh" sound you NEVER want to hear anywhere near you. And its eyes were gleaming. RED! I could see right away that I'd obviously have to jump over this recessed pit, and it led God Knew Where and my timing would have to be perfect. I mean, now the veins were popping out in my temples, my heart was racing and my hand was clapped over my mouth in horror, but there was no time for that, all sorts of crap was being hurled at me. But I just had to see more of that dragon.

Well, I just freaked. I put the whole program on Pause, because I had to think this over. I went into the bathroom, not to pee. But to stare at myself in the mirror, and I said, "OH MY GAWD! WHAT the FUCK do I do with THAAAAT!!!! Out loud. And no neighbors were pounding on the door.

Okay, now that did NOT happen when I saw this fiber. Trust me. I'm a totally sane person. Pfffffft. But for some reason this fiber made me think about that day.

Here it is.
Is this amazing or whaaaaaaaaaaaat!

And another view.

I mean, fiber doesn't get dyed like this. Look at the deep teal, and deep wine. The other odd colors in there. The gold. I didn't know what to make of it. I had to buy it. Even if that fiber had been so expensive that it meant living on lentils (with no bacon) for a year, I had to buy it.

So now I'm resisting setting up camp in front of the door of the post office until Sat. morning like Snoopy's little friend sits in front of the dryer waiting for his bankie. I've sure looked at a lot of fiber, I mean for hours. Nothing like this exists. I'm either going to love it. Or hate it. Just like with that dragon.


pique said...

You're hilarious!

And the fiber's amazing. I wouldn't spin it. You're braver than me!

Carol said...

I'm not going to spin it. Not yet. I'm thinking of getting a safety deposit box for it. Seriously, I've just decided I'm going to spin the green same-blend fiber first (first photo). Some of it in single, some of it plied. And knit swatches. I might have to learn to crochet over this. I need to see everything from laceweight single to worsted weight. The seller sent me a thought, maybe ply The Dragon with black. That would extend it. It's a thought.

Carol said...

I was kidding about the Safe Deposit box. Hmmmmm... or was I. Hmmmmmm.