Saturday, October 6, 2012

Best Insight into 1-year-old's mind I've ever read

Quote from her mommie...

"Oh, look! Buttons on the keyboard! I think I'll press them all Oh look! Mama's toe! I think I'll bite it Oh look! A glass of water! I think I'll slowly pour it over this other laptop oh look! A dog! I think I'll cackle and try to pull her nose off oh look! A plug! I think I'll suck on it Oh look! Mama's lap, I must sit in it and press all these laptop buttons again oh look! Mom let me onto her lap! I must IMMEDIATELY push away and get down so I can pull these cords out of the wall oh look! It's mama's toe again! I must bite it! If she yelps I'll put on my cutest face and lightly sing "mommommommomm..."

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