Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lanolin Soup

Well, I thought since I've brought home another 16 lbs. raw fleece (see post below), I'd better finish scouring the New Zealand I bought earlier this week. Between two stovetop canning pots of water at about 150 degrees and my washing machine (tap water gets to 125 degrees), I just scoured about 2 pounds. It's gotta be more than that, but that's what my numbers say.

Meet Lanolin Soup...

The question was, where to dry it??? Well, after considering on a blanket spread out on the lawn (bah humbug, we have groundhogs and squirrels, plus a barn cat, this could look very appealing for nesting material to say nothing of wind), and no places in the house that would work very easily... what the hey.

This gives a whole new meaning to the term "Auto Dryer." Hey, why not? It's parked in the sun, it gets hot in there, and I don't keep the back seats in it! I'll just have to remember to keep the front window closed when I drive anywhere. (Photos lie, there's way more in here than it looks like, but I love the potential I'm seeing for that little minivan as a drying place in the summertime!

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