Thursday, June 25, 2009

First Combing Try - Lincoln Fleece

My scoured locks dried overnight, so I grabbed a big handful and lined up all the tips at one end, which is facing the camera.

After lashing them onto my stationary comb (clamped to a countertop), this is what it looked like after only two passes through the combs. One big poof!

The above being elongated into a sliver by pulling through a diz (little wooden block with a hole in it). The diz is halfway down the sliver, just to show the fiber before and after being pulled into a sliver.

Neat little slivers, wrapped into birds' nests. Very delicate. I could see immediately that I'd be getting some great fiber joining practice when spinning my own combed fiber.

My cute little mini-skein, spun and plyed. I discovered that Lincoln has a ridiculously long staple length (maybe 9 inches?) which took some serious getting used to. It's a coarse fiber in terms of staple thickness, yet amazingly silky. Scratchy next to skin, but silky. Odd seeming combination! I could see a rug made out of this, not a cowl.

So that's my first combing experience. The post below this one shows the greasy fleece the above came from. Pretty amazing transition, but way less complicated than I'd feared, all told. Thanks to Ravelry members and youtube videos, I had a pretty good idea built up on how to go at scouring and combing fleece in the grease.

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Jenny said...

Oooh! It's so pretty!

It really has a BEAUTIFUL luster to it!

Seeing those pictures makes me miss home and sunshine! I can't wait to come up on Sunday. :)