Sunday, June 21, 2009

Color Wheel Becomes More Than a 3-Note Song

I'm keeping up with a blog banner post ("Stash") which has photos and fiber specs on my stash to date, either still in the bag or spun and knitted. It's pretty much a quick reference that I use, and I just added my last 3 purchases.

One occurred to me deserves a regular blog entry ONLY because it's a little testimonial to how when I started spinning, I had really specific color preferences (another way of saying a lot of color prejudices). Well, I haven't veered from them much to date, but as time has gone on I've found myself gaining a little more appreciation of colors I'd banned from my world, and also leaning toward accepting color combinations I never would have even considered before.

This is a HUGE departure from my norm, but just bought it. I mean, I'm seeing purple (horrors!) and hot pink/fuschia (double horrors!) and even the neon yellow-green (shudder, shudder, triple horrors!) One of those would be a departure. But all three together?

This is downright... shocking!

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