Wednesday, May 6, 2009

TWO fingerless gloves. Whew.

Well, I needed help with the picking up of stitches on the 2nd one also because while I was able to pick up the stitches fine enough, I must have been doing something screwy when knitting them. I think I was loading them onto the needle in the wrong direction. Of course the woman who showed me has a ton of experience, and this time proceeded to knit in the front sometimes, in the back other times as well as other things that were confusingly different from the first time she showed me, all quite fast again, LOL. But hopefully I'll be fine on the next one because I sure ain't a-goin' in there for help from her on this again. Took me a couple hours to get over feeling how stupid I must be.

So finally, here's the two of them. The second one (left) got knitted way looser because the first one was really snug, and I think this section of the homespun was thinner. For sure it is on the thumb, I remember that strand from when I plied it, maybe I should have cut it out. But the 2nd glove hasn't been worn while testing out typing with one of these things on, and when on the hands, side by side, they look like a pair.

I'll sure be glad when I've been knitting long enough to read stitches better, because nothing IS obvious... until you can see it.


Anonymous said...

HOORAY!!! Those mitts look great! Amazing!


FAPORT International said...

Looks very beautiful, i love this color pattern!