Thursday, May 14, 2009

A New Flower in my Vase!

I'm still in love with Bosworth's spindles and I'm still lusting after one. At the fiber festival, however, they just didn't have anything beyond 1.63-oz. and I was trying that one and a gorgeous 1.5-oz. one they had (Maxi) and also Golding's 1.9-oz. which was in the next barn over. With the thickness of yarn I wanted it for (and working with an empty cop, of course), the Golding just won out hands down.

After getting a growing cop, however, it dawned on me (duh!) -- it's only for a very short time that you have no weight on the cop (duh again). The 1.9-oz. Golding starts getting pretty heavy, pretty quick. But damn, it's a sweet spinner! It's like setting a machine in motion. I totally love that brass ring, not only the way it looks, but it just seems to add stability.

At the next fiber festival, I'm going to try a mid-range Bossie Maxi again, but I know I'm going to want a lighter, smaller spindle at some point and I just have a thing for the Bossie. Maybe a Midi is in order. Jenny loves the one I got her for Christmas.

Anyway, here's my spindle crop so far. Each one does a different job phenomenally well. That big, honker square-whorl Powell plies like you wouldn't believe. I mean, it just drives like a big, steady Lincoln when Lincolns were still like Lincolns. The Kundert does amazingly well (and a long spinner) on thinner yarn. And the Golding definitely is a winner for a thicker single. I love them all.

The crop...

Though among their less expensive carved spindles, I do love this Tsunami design. That brass ring really earns its keep in action!

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